Picatinny Arsenal Golf Club
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Give Us a Call 973-724-4653
Tee Time Procedure
Call 973-724-4653 or Walk-in

Tuesday thru Friday after 7am & Weekends & Holidays after 12pm

Active Duty:
Call in 10 Days in advance to the request tee time

Annual Fee Patrons:
Call in 7 Days in advance to request tee time

Active DoD, Retired DoD, Retired Military, Contractors & Veterans:
Call in 2 days in advance to request tee time

Reciprocal Base Courses Annual Fee Members:
Call in 5 days in advance to request tee time
Tee Times
The Picatinny Golf Club is open for Annual Fee Members, Daily Fee Patrons, outings and course sponsored events starting April 5, 2015. (Weather Permitting)

Prime Time Play
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

Active Duty: 
Call in 10 Days in advance at 3pm

Annual Fee Patrons:
Call in  7 Days in advance at 3pm

One guest per each Active Duty or Annual Fee Member permitted during Prime Time Play.

*Golf Management will determine any deviation of the hours of operation based on weather, scheduled events, and the conditions of the course that is in the best interest of the program

Regular Play
Picatinny Golf Club
Est. 1921